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Space Hound 4 - The Best Duplicate File Finder Available

Space Hound 4 is much more than just a Duplicate File Finder.  It includes a full range of file, drive, and system functions.  A great tool for home, office, or network management.     [Click HERE to ORDER ]

Space Hound 4 - The Best Duplicate File Finder Available
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Looking for Beta Testers: April 13, 2009
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For immediate Release: June 29, 2007
You can now save the Results of a Duplicate File Search and reload them at a later time.

For immediate Release: November 25, 2006
Now you can use Space Hound to perform Zipped Backups of Selected Files and Folders.  Create Named Backup Sets that are perfect for making sure you have protected your valuable files.

For immediate Release: November 16, 2006
Another new tool has been added to Space Hound's vast array of tools and displays. Fineware announces the addition of the Renaming Tool.  Use any of the selected file displays and perform any one of a number of renaming changes to the selected items.  As always, Fineware responds to user request for more and more tools and capabilities in the Best File and Disk Utilities Tool you can find anywhere.

For immediate Release: September 2, 2006
Another new tool has been added to Space Hound's vast array of tools and displays. Fineware announces the addition of the Folder Finder.  The perfect answer to the question "Where did I put that Folder?".

For immediate Release: August 14, 2006
As is our policy, we continue to improve this product with new features and capabilities. Today we announce a new EMPTY FOLDER Search and Delete Tool to Space Hound 4.  You will be amazed at how many empty folders exists on your computer.  I know I was.

For immediate Release: June 3, 2006
As is our policy, we continue to improve this product with new features and capabilities. Today we announce a new MP3 Duplicate File Finder Capability that ignores information stored within the MP3 Tags and Headers. Additionally, the Folder Structure Mapping Display now includes the ability to Delete Folders.  This is especially useful for finding and removing empty folders or folder structures.

Look for continued enhancements to this program based on feedback from our customers.  There is no upgrade charge for these new features to existing Space Hound 4 customers.

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One major improvement in this release of Space Hound is the ability to quickly eliminate many duplicate files using the new Duplicate File Tools (by drive, by folder, by age).

Space Hound 4 includes safety features by checking for dependencies by other programs and operating system files. Lastly, you have many options for disposing of files that you want to remove besides deleting them such as sending them to other drives/folders or sending them to compressed folders. 

You can export customized file list to Access Databases, Excel, XML, Text, etc.

The program is highly customizable allowing you to ignore folders, create desktop shortcuts to favorite reports, and customize the interface.  Check out the Tutorial on Duplicate File Management.

Also, click here to read the truth about Duplicate Files and Duplicate File Management.

Click here to read customer testimonials.  Want to add yours? Contact Al Meadows [ ].

Click Here are some quick views of the various displays and tools available within Space Hound 4.

Note: You do not need to uninstall an existing installation of Space Hound 32.  Space Hound 4 installs to a separate folder and will not interfere with your existing installation.  

WUGNET Shareware Hall of Fame

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